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Q: What is Elder Law?


Elder Law is Estate Planning Law as it specifically applies to people over 65. It is a relatively new area of the law that has developed as a direct result of the longer lives and resulting disability and/or incapacity of a growing number of people, combined with the fact that our existing systems and resources aren’t meeting the needs of these longer lives very efficiently or comfortably for many. A lawyer is often required to help people successfully navigate the complexities of this patchwork system. Good programs and services are available, and more appear regularly, as it is a growing market, but so far the path to the necessary assistance is often costly and without uniformity. There is not a good way to do informed comparison shopping without a knowledgeable guide, even if the money and the willingness to accept services is there. There is also a great need for consumer education in this area. An Elder Law attorney is the best place to start for an overview of the situation. In the long run, the best Elder Law is a good estate plan that is regularly maintained in periodic consultations with a lawyer who knows his or her client and can suggest services and programs that might best fit that client’s needs, wishes and/or budget.

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